To keep a relationship fresh and fun, date night is an important part of the way you do things. Date night gives couples time to enjoy time together and have fun, things everyone needs to be their best. If you want to make date night part of your relationship but are not sure what you can do for fun in Philly, check out the awesome ideas on this list to get started.

1- Dinner & a Movie

It is the traditional date night, but one that still suits the bill for most couples. We all enjoy eating and watching movies, especially when someone we love sits across and near us. Plus, dinner and a movie is still affordable when many ideas are not.  Philly has tons of romantic and fun restaurants to top it off.

2- Karaoke

Whether you hit up one of the fun karaoke bars in Philly or purchase your own unit for home fun, this is one evening you can never forget. Crank the tunes loud, get together with friends, and prepare for excitement.

adult activities in Philadelphia

3- Adult Fun

A little adult fun adds spice and excitement to any relationship. With the variety of adult activities in Philadelphia, every couple can find something that sounds of interest to them. Best of all it is discrete and no one has to know.

4- Walk in the Park

Sometimes the simple things mean the most. That is why a walk in a park is always an awesome date night idea. Plan a picnic with the walk to make the evening a little more exciting.

The above date night ideas work well for couples who are just starting out and those with a little mileage. They’re also affordable ways to enjoy life -and your lover -to the fullest.