Foam parties have been getting a lot of attention in younger populations. But what is a foam party? A Foam Party is both an integral part of the definition of raving, as well as raves’ biggest controversy.

Texas foam parties – Foamdaddy are generally associated with “rave”, however they are not necessarily exclusive to them. In fact, many events which could correctly be called rave do not have an official foam party, or even if they do have foam, the party is not advertised as a foam party.

Texas foam parties - Foamdaddy

This can cause problems for promoters for two reasons: one, many people seem to think that what makes raves different than other events stems mostly from the presence of foam; and secondly, many venues are either uncomfortable with or explicitly ban the use of foam.

The problem here is that foam parties are a core part of raving, and as such promoters should allow for them at their events if they expect to be a part of the rave culture. The fact is: You can’t have an event where people break into spontaneous dance without having someone cover the walls with soap bubbles! Soap bubble walls are the defining characteristic of a foam party.

The controversy surrounding them stems in most cases from ignorance or misconceptions about what exactly a foam party is. Many people (including many promoters) seem to think that they are messy and dirty. Also, many people think that there is something unsafe about foam parties. The fact is, that’s just not the case: they are as safe if not safer than any other party!

It’s worth your time to look at foam parties and see if they’re something you may enjoy. When all is said and done, you may discover that it’s a fun thing that you’ll seek out!