Tips For Getting Kids Off The Phone

Back in the day we only had a large yellow phone that hung in the kitchen and if we wanted to use it we had to ask our parents.  Today, kids have cell phones, video devices and so much stuff that will keep them on the couch or in their rooms being social.  Well, this isn’t good for them and we need to figure out how to get physical activities for kids to be a greater priority.

Take away the phone

Typically, this will be the first thing that you do but most kids will look at it as a punishment and will just go to one of their other devices.  The trick is to figure out a way to engage them into more physical activities.

Gather their friends together

The next thing you want to do is gather their friends together.  Get them off the phone and put them into an activity that they can all enjoy in the real world.  Once they are done, they can always go back to texting and blogging about it.

physical activities for kids

Create contents

Find out what they do online and on their phones and figure out a way to bring it into the real world.  Create a contest, scavenger hunt or other activity that will encourage them to use their minds and bodies beyond clicking a button or swiping.

Look for local sporting groups and clubs

Find different activities that they can do in your area.  If they like a sport or activity, then encourage them to join.  Encourage them to do fundraisers and other activities to enhance their sports and even raise money for a good cause. 

The trick to getting kids active is to focus their minds and their interests.  Once you start them down this road the rest will start to fall into place.

Getting Ready For Your First Casino Trip

casino table games near Seattle

Have you decided that you would like to take your first ever trip to the casino? Gambling can be fun if you have some money to spare and have a mind for strategically playing games. Of course, before you charge headfirst into your first casino experience, you will want to make sure you know what to do to prepare.

Getting ready for your first rounds with casino table games near Seattle can be simple if you’re informed. Take a second to see what you should be doing to prepare for your first big visit to the casino.

Take a minute to learn about the casino and its rules.

Every major casino will have a presence online these days. Visit their website so you can get used to the layout of the casino, the kind of games they offer, and any house rules they might exhibit. Once you know a bit about the casino, you will be a little more prepared when you first step through the doors.

Know how much money you can spend.

Table games cost money to play, so know exactly how much you are going in with and how much you can lose. You don’t want to risk spending more than you comfortably can on gambling – always know when to stop playing if you are running low on funds.

Take your time when playing.

Bets in casino games can equate to winning or losing real money, so don’t rush any of the decisions you make throughout the course of the game. Evaluate the game, the table, and make your decisions based on the situation – always take some time to think about your move before you make it.

With this information on your mind, you are a little more equipped to hit the casino for the first time. Know what you can spend, familiarize yourself with the casino, and don’t rush anything – these tips should help you have a much better time on your first time out to the casino.

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner for Your Beachfront Ceremony?

The short answer to the title question is a resounding yes; you should hire a wedding planner for your beachfront ceremony or any ceremony. Wedding planners are knowledgeable and well-versed in all kinds of nuptials. They’ve done traditional weddings and destination weddings, so they can help you deal with the challenges and stresses that might arise from choosing a seaside setting for your vows.

Wedding planners are advice givers, consultants, and shoulders to cry. They are in your corner, giving you reassurance every step of the way while helping you manage your pre-wedding jitters.

Unconvinced? Here are a few more reasons why hiring a wedding planner would be a good idea for your beachfront ceremony.

Wedding Planners Do Their Research on Your Wedding Location

Destination weddings can be tricky because the locations have their own weather patterns and permit requirements. Your wedding planner can help research your wedding location. You should strive to answer questions like, “Is a permit required for a wedding on this beach?” or “Is this beach known for pop-up thunderstorms?”

They Will Fight for Your Perfect Wedding

Your wedding planner becomes your best friend. You can pour all of your ideas into their hands, and they will help make those dreams a reality. The best wedding planners will tell you when something is realistic and doable or not. Listen. Be attentive and respectful because your planner is on your side.

The Budget is Forever on Their Minds

Beachfront weddings

When you have a wedding budget, your wedding planner will always strive to get you the best deals for venues and preparations. Here’s a tip. Give your budget a couple of hundred dollars leeway, just in case of emergencies.

Beachfront weddings are naturally beautiful and exciting because of the atmosphere. However, with a wedding planner, you can add calming and peaceful to the list of adjectives to describe what you can expect your nuptials to be.